The Speakers

Laura Tengerdi

Marketing Director, Budapest Bank
Laura Tengerdi is Head of Marketing Communications and Customer Experience of Budapest Bank. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). She has over 20 years of experience in brand marketing, and is a big believer of the thought ’Customer First’, that mindset she mastered during the many years she spent as a senior leader in Unilever. Later in GE Capital and Budapest Bank she expanded her belief with putting employees in the forefront too.

How did Budapest Bank spread the CX vibe within such a big organisation in the past 5 years?

Chris Brown

CEO and Co-Founder, Marketculture
Chris is a global expert in customer-centric business strategies. He and his colleagues have conducted extensive research on this topic and published articles in Strategy & Leadership, B2B Magazine, the CEO Refresher, the Harvard Business Review Blog, the CMO Council program on Market Sensibility and other journals.

How to create a truly customer centric culture

We live in the age of the customer. Customers are more informed than ever. They have access to not only everything they want relating to you product, service and company but information that influences how they think about you – other customer’s experiences with your company. The only way to remain competitive today and into the future will be with an organizational culture that puts the customer at the heart of its operations. In this keynote you will learn:

1. Why being a customer centric organization is your only competitive advantage in today’s highly disruptive and rapid changing environment
2. Lessons from the world’s most customer centric companies
3. How leaders at every level can create an organization that aligns its culture to the needs of the customer
4. How to make Customer Centricity a reality in your company by benchmarking and building a roadmap to develop your company’s capabilities.

Claire Boscq-Scott

Employee & Customer Experience Speaker, Consultant, Trainer
Claire is on a mission to inspire businesses to thrive by bringing more care into what they do, alluring the senses to connect with employees and customers on an emotional level; enhancing business environments, increasing employees’ engagement and customer loyalty, through sensorial experiences. No 5 Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru and UK Top 10 CX Influencer, Claire is an authority in the Customer Experience Industry, Caring in Business Specialist and Sensory Queen, she brings a more holistic approach to Employee & Customer eXperience. She is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant & Trainer.

Happy Employees = happy customers = happy bottom line

David Savage

Strategist/ Facilitator / Owner, TEoC - The Experience of Customers
David Savage is Owner/ Strategist of TEoC (The Experience of Customers) in the Netherlands. He is a Certified Service Excellence Assessor focused on creating positive, memorable and sustainable customer experiences driven by customer centric cultures throughout Europe and North America.

The importance of humanity when technology is our common ground.

Tamas Sonkoly

Category Manager, Ice Cream – Unilever Hungary
Tamas is not working in any service industry, but he is an FMCG marketing professional with 16 years spent at multinational giant Unilever, mainly with ice cream love brands such as Magnum, Ben&Jerry’s and Carte d’Or. Still he knows that it is all about people: a good marketing plan does not start with pricing or distribution, rather with the consumer experience at the heart of everything. He puts people first in everything he does – making empathy a leading force of his marketing plans on ice cream, of his family life, or of his various roles at Christian organizations.

How Magnum uses Ice Cream and Empathy to create a magical Customer Experience

The Panelists

Topic - How to launch an integrated CX Management Framework

Ian Golding

Customer Experience Specialist
A certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Ian has spent over twenty years in business improvement, working hard to ensure that the businesses he works for are as customer focused as possible. A highly influential freelance Customer Experience consultant, Ian advises leading companies on Customer Experience strategy, measurement, improvement and employee advocacy techniques and solutions.

Gökhan Kara

CCXP, Enerjisa
Gökhan Kara is the first and the only CCXP in Turkey, founder and leads the Customer Experience Professionals Association Istanbul Network, awarded 2018 CXPA Most Innovative CX Day Event and 2019 Best Emerging Network. Gökhan is Customer Experience Manager at Enerjisa. He is a part time lecturer at MEF University and gives Customer Experience Management course for MBA students. He gives trainings and consultancy to companies for creating better customer experiences.

Stefan Osthaus

CEO, Experience5
Stefan has been a leader in Fortune 500 companies and an advisor to multinational organizations who seek to become more customer centric for more than 20 years. His passion and expertise have helped to improve the experiences of over half a billion customers and hundreds of thousands of employees around the globe. When he doesn’t work with clients somewhere on the planet, Stefan shares his insights and anecdotes as a global keynote speaker, trainer, and author.

Beatrix Kapitany

Global Carrier Head of Customer Experience & Transformation, Deutsche Telekom
Beatrix Kapitány is Head of Customer Experience, Transformation and Business Steering at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. With over 20 years of business experience, she has a proven track record with successful large-scale system integration and customer experience projects as well as strategic transformation initiatives. Today, she is putting her experience in these areas to use as a member of the organization’s leadership team. In addition to working on an extensive automation and digitization program, she is involved in developing plans for Big Data utilization as well as other forecasting and analysis activities.

Matthieu Bonelli

Customer Experience Specialist, CX Mania
Matthieu is a passionate Customer Experience Specialist helping large European companies becoming more customer centric. Thanks to a strong focus in retail e-commerce, his coaching allows organisations to become autonomous in delivering best-in-class customer experiences to drive profit.


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