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Scoring of Entries

The purpose of the ARCET Global scoring model and criteria is to ensure that business stories, teams and leaders are scored accurately, effectively and independently. Giving both entrants and judges confidence that the winners are deserving.

Our scoring model is endorsed by the University of Chester Business School giving you confidence that all entries will be evaluated in a vigorous and thorough manner.


The University of Chester’s stellar commitment to Entrepreneurship and business excellence, echoes ARCET Global’s commitment to improve businesses around the world.

We are delighted to receive the endorsement of our scoring model by Chester Business School operating under the auspices of the University of Chester, which provides a clear, fair and robust evaluation of all of our entrants stories.

For some time, the University of Chester, has exemplified its long standing commitment to international business and has for example, been instrumental in bringing the real world of business directly into the academic arena of the classroom.


Written Entry
Final Presentation
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Each criteria scored 1-10 (10 being the highest score)

After all the presentations, judges score the overall entry out of 100 so they can reflect on which story captivated them.

Scores are aggregated and given a percentage.

Finalists who score within 3% of the highest marks of that category will be winners.

Judging Panel

Meet the judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge and category specific skillsets to assess the entrants. Each judge is carefully vetted to ensure impartiality and all judges sign a confidentiality agreement. Judges are selected based on their business experience and qualifications. Each panel has a cross section of experts to ensure the evaluation is thorough.

Naeem Arif

CEO, NA Consulting
With over 25 years as a retail business owner himself, Naeem certainly understands the importance of customer experience. As a CCXP he has worked with an impressive portfolio of consulting clients like Jaguar, The BBC and British Airways.

Graham Shapiro

Chairman of Judges - CEO, GSD
Graham Shapiro is an award-winning inventor, designer & digital entrepreneur. A Fellow member of The Chartered Society of Designers and Chartered Institute of Marketing. Entrepreneur in Residence and on the advisory board for The Business Research Institute at The University of Chester. Ambassador of Innovation for The University of Cambridge. Graham invented the interloopmailer® and Reggie®.

Andrea Hanyecz

CX Leader, Budapest Bank
Senior Customer Experience Manager of Budapest Bank. A Certified Customer Experience Professional and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has spent over twenty years in business improvement in GE Capital and Budapest Bank in various positions in Finance, Quality, Operations, Customer Service and Marketing. She is passionate about driving cultural changes to transfer organisations towards customer centricity. Earned CCXP in 2018.

Olga Guseva

Managing Partner, Integria Consult
One of the leading CX strategy experts and advisors based in Russia, СXPA member, loyalty measurement and development coach, certified customer-centric corporate culture measurement and transformation specialist, MBA, Ph. D., keynote speaker and СХ blogger

Ian Golding

Customer Experience Specialist
A certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Ian has spent over twenty years in business improvement, working hard to ensure that the businesses he works for are as customer focused as possible. A highly influential freelance Customer Experience consultant, Ian advises leading companies on Customer Experience strategy, measurement, improvement and employee advocacy techniques and solutions.

Dr. Anil Pillai

Director, Terragni Consulting
Dr. Anil Pillai is a behavioural expert and deeply emphasizes the importance of using behavioural insights in organizations. Dr. Pillai says “Understanding how people think, behave, decide and act, plays a large role in predicting their choices – choices of who they buy from, who they work with, who they engage with and who are they loyal to. Organizations who wish to build experience and engagement as a key competitive differentiator, need to acquire this learning

Dr Ana Iorga

Director, Buyer Brain
Dr. Iorga is a Medical Doctor that holds a PhD in Consumer Neuroscience and a double MBA degree in Marketing & Finance. She founded Buyer Brain, a consumer neuroscience company that focuses on delivering non-conscious insights to drive customer engagement & loyalty. Ana is a Board Member of NMSBA.

Dipti Sapatnekar

Director - Value Delivery, Terragni Consulting
Dipti is an emotions and behavioural insights expert. She works in the areas of deep insights, motivators, and contexts of human behaviours through the application of neuroscience, data science and traditional research methodologies. She has vast experience in using these insights to design and execute behaviour shift solutions that lead to business outcomes She leads the Value Delivery function at Terragni whose mandate is to link insights and solutions to business outcomes through a rigorous execution methodology

Bernhard Rathmayr

Co-Founder, Virtual Loop GmbH
As Head of eService & Innovations Bernhard leads the service digitalization and innovation initiatives at Magenta/T-Mobile Austria. Bernhard's aim is to delight both customers and employees with digital service content and digital service channels. Prio his time in customer service, he was resoponsible for online customer experience and usability projects.

Ákos Tolnai

CEO, AbilityMatrix
Akos is the founder of AbilityMatrix; a consulting company specialized in designing and monetizing innovative products. He specializes in developing customer experience strategies and innovations based on his self-developed customer experience segmentation. He is an active startup mentor and a Certified Customer Experience Consultant (CCXP). Speaker on innovation and CX. His insights appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and select Customer Experience and UX blogs.

Norbert Lojko

Marketing Consultant, Anodius
Skilful marketing and sales professional with experience from both corporate and consultancy side since 1993. Focusing on customer experience improvement through consultancy and cloud technology implementation. Because positive improvement in customer experience is a must for any company to survive. #ImproveYourCustomerExperienceOrDie

Judit Kertesz

Strategy Consultant, Managing Partner, Co-founder, Frontira
Judit is the co-founder and managing partner of Frontìra strategic innovation studio. As an experienced strategic design professional, she helps companies to find their winning aspiration through supporting them in better understanding their customers, business environment, and innovation trends. Judit is also a board member of Service Design Network Hungary.

Ruud Verduin

Founder & Managing Consultant, Smart Connections bv
Ruud Verduin is recognized as an expert in customer experience and customer relationship management in The Netherlands. He is head of consulting at Smart Connections, helping clients with effective customer-centric strategies and supporting them in customer experience transformation.

David Anderson

Customer Experience Director, Insight 6
David is the CX Director for Insight6 in Northern Ireland. Insight6 are the UK's CX specialists. David's passion is helping clients realise their full potential by enabling CX strategies that make each and every one of them stand out from the crowd.

Aydincan Ataberk

Managing Partner, Ethnogram
C. Aydincan Ataberk is the co-founder & managing partner of Ethnogram Research & Service Design company. He’s a Service Design Network accredited service design trainer, co-manager of SDN Turkey Chapter and design lecturer in local universities.

Veronika Luxemburg

Founder and CEO of CQX™ - Customer Quality Experience.
Founder and CEO of CQX™ - Customer Quality Experience. CCXP, Recognised CX Training Provider, Coach certified by ICF and Lean6Sigma certified. Veronika is a passionate global facilitator of change and she has deployed CQX tools and methodologies all over the world.

Bartek Lechowski

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Empik
Bartek is responsible for creating more customer focused organisations, now making an impact in Empik, biggest omnichannel retailer in Poland. Having background from big FMCG companies like Mars and Danone on both local, regional and global level, he led IKEA Customer Revolution resulting in major holistic turnaround of 1 billion EUR polish IKEA organisation.

Leonie Brown

Customer Experience Strategist, Qualtrics
Léonie Brown is a seasoned Customer Experience Strategist for Qualtrics with a strong emphasis on the retail and finance industries. In addition to six years spent working in finance, and an additional four years working in Contact Center software, Léonie has worked in a number of verticals as a consultant. Having worked as a senior strategist with high-end clients designing CX Strategy and Journey Mapping allows Léonie to help shape and refine CX approach and ROI testing at every level from the executive suite to front line delivery. Leading research design efforts and helping customers connect customer insight to commercial performance, Léonie is able to bring fresh thinking and strategy skills to Customer Experience Design and Voice of the Customer programs.

Roberto Vlad

CXM - Customer Experience Manager, CoreMedia AG
Roberto Vlad is an Customer Experience Manager at CoreMedia helping global brands and enterprises create iconic customer experiences. Prior to his current role, Roberto has been working as an Account Executive at Hootsuite, as a Sales Manager at Smartfocus/Emailvision, Exact Software and Vodafone. Main focus on empowering companies like Siemens, UBS, dormakaba, KSB, Ottobock, Petra Foods, Deutsche Welle, Intersport, ServicePlan, Wizzair, etc. to grow, gain efficiency and optimize the customer journey and to create a better customer experience. Outside the office, Roberto has 2 children and next to his role as “Superdad” he is a passionate basketball player and a musician.

Gábor Kocsis

COO, Calliotel
Gabor helps B2B clients with VoIP, CloudPBX, CRM services, which can boost their business results by CX designed CJM. For 20 years, he has been working with medium and large enterprises, showing how they can increase their revenue and decrease their costs by using the latest Customer Experience technologies and Marketing tools.

Genevieve Bruketa-Baskovic

Founder & Director, Clara Solutions
Genevieve is a customer focused change and transformation specialist with over 20 years’ global experience in the public, private and third sector. As the founder of Clara Solutions, she enables business leaders and teams to adopt a holistic approach to translate strategies into executable plans and deliver change and transformation initiatives that create business value while driving a customer centric culture. Genevieve also sits on the leadership board / serves as executive director at the Customer Institute, a not-for-profit organisation, that promotes customer centricity and excellence in customer experience.

Momchil Blaskov

CX Champion, GemSeek
Momchil helps Fortune 500 companies to deliver outstanding experience across each step of the customer journey. Momchil empowers customers to keep, delight and grow their clients by providing complete data technology and analytics solutions. He sees technology as an enabler which makes the experience more human. His biggest passion is to meet CX heroes and exchange success stories.

Hélio Basso

Co-Founder, CS Club
In the last 18 years, Hélio was always focused on the development of projects related to product (new or pivotal) or as a consultant in Customer Success, Customer Experience and Service Design (online and offline stores) to Brazilian retail companies.

Balakrishna Murthy

Sr. Manager- CX Capability Building, Majid Al Futtaim
Bala helps Organisations to visualise Customer Experience (CX) as a value driver and enables to develop relevant competencies to meet current needs and the required capabilities to meet future needs of customers. He has led several successful engagements in Customer Insights, CRM and CX for brands in Automotive, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors for over two decades in the Middle East region. Bala is an accredited practitioner of SCHEMA® - Customer centricity framework, and a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence.

Gokhan Kara

CX Advisor. Pisano
Gökhan Kara is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). He’s the first and the only CCXP in Turkey, founder and leads the Customer Experience Professionals Association Istanbul Network, awarded 2018 CXPA Most Innovative CX Day Event and 2019 Best Emerging Network. Gökhan is Customer Experience Advisor in Pisano. He is a part time lecturer at MEF University and gives Customer Experience Management course for MBA students. He gives trainings and consultancy to companies for creating better customer experiences.

David Reid

Founder/CEO, Be All Ears
David is a senior operational & strategic executive with over 20 years' customer management experience. David learned quickly that when running large global multilingual customer operations, CX & EX are interlinked. David is a certified CX professional who is passionate about improving the lives of others and now supports international businesses to transform, evolve & become, customer centric.

Stefan Osthaus

CEO - Experience5
Stefan has been a leader in Fortune 500 companies and an advisor to multinational organizations who seek to become more customer centric for more than 20 years. His passion and expertise have helped to improve the experiences of over half a billion customers and hundreds of thousands of employees around the globe. When he doesn’t work with clients somewhere on the planet, Stefan shares his insights and anecdotes as a global keynote speaker, trainer, and author.

Diane Magers

CEO, Experience Catalysts
Diane is a passionate, experienced Customer Experience executive, change agent and sherpa for new and developing customer obsessed leaders. She has over 25years of building and growing Customer and Employee focus. She is currently interim CEO for the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Most recently at AT&T, she led Customer Experience strategy by transforming customer and associate engagement.

Adil Abdullayev

Founder and CEO of Qmeter
Adil is a Founder and CEO of Qmeter. Qmeter is an enterprise solution for Customer Feedback Management and Customer Experience Management. Experienced in deploying Customer Journey Management solutions and creating new touchpoints to enhance Customer Experience. Adil is also the creator of the new methodology of Customer Experience Measurement, SLI - Satisfaction Level Indicator. SLI is a competitive measurement which shows your current satisfaction score compared to your best possible performance.

Peter Kmoško

Founder, MonetizeCX.com
Peter is a CX professional, digitalization expert and marketing strategist with over 20 years of business experience. He is based in Prague and has the experience with driving Customer Focused projects from startups, through scale-ups till big corporations such as Microsoft or O2. Currently owns a consultancy company MonetizeCX.com with a focus to translate the value of improved customer experience/customer-centricity into perceived value for company shareholders to inspire them to invest back more into CX related initiatives.

Sirte Pihlaja

CEO, Customer Experience Optimiser, Shirute Ltd
Sirte Pihlaja (Certified Customer Experience Professional, LEGO® Serious Play® Trained Facilitator) is the CEO & Customer Experience Optimiser of Shirute, the first customer experience agency in Finland. She is currently heading the activities of the global Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) in Finland, one of the Association’s Founding Members, and a member of its International Advisory Board. Sirte is an internationally known CX/EX expert, a coach, designer and strategist with over 25 years of experience in advising large international corporations and brands in different industries. Sirte is known for translating customer understanding to concrete actions and results in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Matthieu Bonelli

Customer Experience Specialist, CX Mania
Matthieu is a passionate Customer Experience Specialist helping large European companies becoming more customer centric. Thanks to a strong focus in retail e-commerce, his coaching allows organisations to become autonomous in delivering best-in-class customer experiences to drive profit.

Steve Towers

CEO, BP Group
Steve Towers has been named one of the 15 most influential Global Customer Service Experts in 2019. An experienced business transformation leader with over 40 years of success in both the private and public sectors in a variety of key 'C' leadership and top-level consulting positions.

Jan-Jesko Kandzorra

Head of Customer Experience, BAWAG P.S.K.
Jesko has extensive experience in defining and implementing strategies to optimize Customers Experience. Being responsible for Customer Experience Processes in BAWAG PSK he is looking at new innovative ways through technology and process design to support customers when they need it most. He worked in several countries for a pan-European bank at the executive level in Retail and Corporate & Investment banking, his sound project management capabilities and deep experience in Lean Six Sigma it is in his DNA to partner with leaders across all business units to ensure that customers are at the centre of any decision-making process.

Hassan Mohammad

Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer, CXSA Middle East
Hassan is a CCXP – Certified Customer Experience Professional and a CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals’ Association) Recognised Trainer Provider (RTP). He is nominated as a rising 30under30 CX superstar by CX Network and also sits on the Leadership board/serves as Executive Director at the Customer Institute. Hassan works at the forefront of innovation and has developed his approach over 7 years working with organisations internationally ie UK and the Middle East across sectors such as Healthcare, Insurance, Engineering and the public sector. He is a passionate advocate of using cross-cultural collaboration to co-design innovative experiences with customer and employees and building capacity within organisations for CX, design and innovation.

Anna Noakes Schulze

Senior Partner for Customer Experience, Ecodynamics GmbH
Anna Noakes Schulze is Senior Partner for Customer Experience at Ecodynamics GmbH, a platform economy & digital business consultancy. Anna is a digital experience expert, TEDx speaker and startup mentor who helps businesses connect with their greatest asset: their customers.

Jef Teugels

CEO of MarketCulture Europe
In his pursuit to help companies drive frontline growth, Jef Teugels, CCXP, works on actionable insights gained from the force fields where customer behavior, organizational readiness, and exponential technologies meet. The outcome of what Jef co-creates with his clients must lead to differentiation on the market while offering hyper-relevancy to his clients’ customers. Currently, he was head of digital commerce at BDO Digital. He is an advisory board member at CDP Institute, an accredited partner of MarketCulture Strategies, and guest lecturer customer relations and organizational behavior at Thomas More University College.

Danny Peters

CEO / Co-Founder, Milkymap
Danny is founder and CEO of Milkymap, a SaaS platform for Customer Journey Management. Danny has more than 20 years experience in Customer Experience in several roles. One of them leading a Customer Experience Management agency for 9 years. Danny is a certified Customer Experience professional. With implementing Milkymap and a unique methodology to improve Customer Experience within organizations, the customer plays the most important role.

Beatrix Kapitany

Global Carrier Head of Customer Experience & Transformation, Deutsche Telekom
Beatrix Kapitány is Head of Customer Experience, Transformation and Business Steering at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. With over 20 years of business experience, she has a proven track record with successful large-scale system integration and customer experience projects as well as strategic transformation initiatives. Today, she is putting her experience in these areas to use as a member of the organization’s leadership team. In addition to working on an extensive automation and digitization program, she is involved in developing plans for Big Data utilization as well as other forecasting and analysis activities.

Matthew Toman

Founder, Bankhouse Media
Matthew Toman is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning film producer, public speaker, and the creator of The Evolution of Success. Matthew's mission is to use his various platforms to inspire as many people as possible to own their value and transform their lives.

Irma Stankovskyte

Head of HR and Customer Experience Baltics, Kesko Senukai Lithuania
Irma Stankovskyte is Head of HR and Customer Experience Baltics of DIY retailer Kesko Senukai with 10+ years of experience in customer service and customer experience. She is Registered COPC Coordinator since 2015 and has practical knowledge and experience of customer service in various industries, including telco and retail. She is passionate about creating customer-centric environment and encouraging customer focus in all business decisions.

Nikoletta Kovacs

Country Strategy Manager, Raiffeisen bank international
A passionate customer advocate, strategist and innovator. Nikoletta is an avid enthusiast for customer experience & intuitive banking supported by omnichannel approach. A true believer of customer needs driven co-creation and design thinking in retail banking product and service design. She believes in ‘Customer First’ and brought the concept through the retail banking areas of organizations such as Erste Group and currently Raiffeisen Bank International. She is a service design thinking facilitator with 14 years of retail banking experience creating customer journeys with client centric view across Central and Eastern Europe.

Jacek Wieczorkowski

Head of Customer Experience Team, Santander Consumer Bank s.a.
Jacek has been associated with the banking sector since 2004. He creates and supports activities aimed at providing clients with positive experiences in all touchpoints with Santander Consumer Bank. He is responsible for the quality of customer service, internal communication and development of employee competences.

Gabriela Ciupitu

Customer Experience Manager, BNP Paribas Personal Finance
Gabriela has a proven record of developing the Customer Experience’s Design and Transformation in the company. Her clear focus is to create the connection of customers and employees with their brand, products, and communication, through the heart and mind. One of her favorite statements is: “When your company set profit as a strategic objective, this can happen. When you set as a strategic vision to have Customer in the center of all initiatives, projects, and actions you will gain loyalty, credibility, trust, and quality stable growth.”

Anastasia Vladychynska

Inspirational CX Speaker|Consultant
A US Certified Customer Experience Advisor, Anastasia has started a Customer Service Revolution in the country where the word ‘serve’ does not exist in the language (Ukraine). From that point she has helped brands like MaxMara, Credit Agricole, McDonald’s and many others improve their customer experience by transforming the thinking processes and beliefs of management and employees. Anastasia is teaching MBA students at Kyiv Mohyla Business School and is a professional speaker and graduate of National Speakers Association in New York City.

Sam Harding

Founder and CEO, Edgy
Sam works with businesses that are looking to innovate through putting people and experience at the heart of what they do. Benefitting from 20 years leading some of the World’s most successful Retail and Hospitality companies, Sam is bringing innovative excellence programs to businesses with a fresh and edgy approach.

Laura Tengerdi

Marketing Director, Budapest Bank
Laura Tengerdi is Head of Marketing Communications and Customer Experience of Budapest Bank. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). She has over 20 years of experience in brand marketing, and is a big believer of the thought ’Customer First’, that mindset she mastered during the many years she spent as a senior leader in Unilever. Later in GE Capital and Budapest Bank she expanded her belief with putting employees in the forefront too.

Tomas Potmesil

Director, KPMG Czech Republic
Tomas Potmesil leads KPMG’s Customer Centre of Excellence based in Prague, Czech Republic. As a CX designer and architect, he has managed various strategic projects aimed at putting the customer first, for both international and local clients.

Marlan Hardie

People Engagement Officer - Worldwide Technology
Marlan operates as the People Engagement Officer for global service providers at World Wide Technology. With 20 years in the customer care industry and a consulting background, Marlan has worked with many of the largest call centers in the telecom, cable, financial services, media and entertainment organizations. He evangelizes that “the brands that deliver the best customer experience have already provide the best employee experience.

Charlie Boyle

CEO, Customer Service Excellence Ireland
Charlie Boyle is the founder and CEO of Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CSEI). The CSEI programme is used by multi-national global names based in Dublin as well as SME’s in provincial areas. The offer is expanding into the UK as well. Charlie is a sought after speaker and high impact trainer in the CX sphere.

Charles Bennett

Founder, CXSA Middle East
Charles Bennett is a change specialist passionate about using the customer experience agenda to help make deep and lasting impact on the way organisations operate. He is also the founder of the Customer Experience and Service Association Middle East. It is dedicated to helping companies specifically in the region to take advantage of new ideas, learn the latest next practice change thinking and use it to accelerate results arising from customer centricity initiatives.

Rosaria Cirillo Louwman

Founder, Wow Now Customer Experience
Rosaria is TEDx Speaker, CX Advisor, CCXP & CXPA Authorized Resource Trainer, and co-founder of CXPA Dutch chapter. After 12+ years in various roles across sales, customer service, business improvement, e-commerce and customer experience for leading companies like Forrester, Stream, Adobe, and Philips, in 2013 she founded Wow Now to inspire and empower companies to choose, design, and deliver WOW life-enriching experiences that contribute to everyone’s HAPPINESS! Rosaria is the author of Yellow Goldfish. Originally Italian she lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two boys.

Christina Dolding

Head of Customer Experience, LV=
Christina is the Head of Customer Experience at LV Financial Services. She has worked in the financial services sector in the customer experience world for nearly 25 years. Her unique, unconventional and creative thinking has brought the customer to life in the most unexpected but impactful way. She has won a series of internal and external awards for her work and was awarded the UK Customer Experience Professional of the Year in 2016.

Daniel Chirtes

CEO at HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING SRL with experience in new advanced engineering and prototypes technology at global level, bringing them from lab to market. Consultant for R&D funds and grants.

Jana Klekar

RIS3 Manager, RRA Pardubice Region
After several years in the corporate world, where I started with CX, I moved to the Office of local County. I lead a project to drive innovation through the region.

Beppe De Vincenti

Managing Partner, nexa Consulting
Beppe is the co-founder and managing partner of nexa consulting. nexa consulting was established 5 years ago to promote an innovative vision of customer experience in Switzerland, with a holistic approach which places the customer at the heart of all concerns and interactions.   As a Customer Experience expert, he is committed to help out Swiss and international companies to differentiate themselves in their respective markets & industries and generate growth by delivering a memorable experience to their customers.

Kerstin Riedl

Co-Founder, Virtual Loop GmbH
Kerstin Riedl is an experienced customer service professional and innovation manager. She has a special focus on new contact channels and service innovations. Inspiring customers with a great user experience and motivate employees through new work models, involvement and empowerment is her motto. She won the International Customer Experience Award 2018 in the categories Best Digital Strategy and Contact Centre.

Mirela Saračević Trogrlić

Coach and Founder, Coaching by Design
Mirela is certified Executive Coach by the Academy of Executive Coaching, London, UK. Having more than twenty years of corporate experience - investment banking, media and telco she expanded her area of work to coaching, training and facilitation. She works with individuals, teams and organizations helping them to redesign their thinking models and systems of behaviours in order to achieve full potential in being creative and innovative. Mirela is a strong advocate of humble leadership and psychological safety at work as prerequisites for company’s success.

David Savage

Strategist/ Facilitator / Owner, TEoC - The Experience of Customers
David Savage is Owner/ Strategist of TEoC (The Experience of Customers) in the Netherlands. He is a Certified Service Excellence Assessor focused on creating positive, memorable and sustainable customer experiences driven by customer centric cultures throughout Europe and North America.

Jerry Angrave

Customer & Passenger Experience Director, Empathyce
Jerry is founder and CX Director at Empathyce. He has a background of in-house corporate CX roles and is now a consultant and coach. Jerry is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and an officially authorised trainer for the accreditation.

Maja Vezmar Ristic

Customer Experience Manager, OTP banka Srbija
Maja is economist with decades of experience in retail banking. She is passionate in advocating importance of customer experience not only in finance but across all other industries. Currently on the mission of creating memorable human experiences as a customer experience manager in OTP Banka a.d. Srbija

Olga Pominovska

Head of Customer Feedback, Baltics, Swedbank
Olga works in Swedbank as Head of Customer Feedback, Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Professional with a wide customer centricity vision and 10+ years practical experience in creating trusted and beneficial relationships between companies and clients in various areas as banking, insurance services and mobile telecommunications. The field of professional interest is customer surveys and research programs to discover customers‘ insights and loyalty drivers.

David da Costa Mota

Head of Customer Happiness, OLX
David is in customer experience industry among 15 years across different industries from Telco, Retail and now tech. He learned a lot on how to work for the customer building products and services that customers love and delivering an experience that blows their minds. But above all he learned we only achieve good results or business transformations if we put our teams together give them the importance that they deserve. We work for people to people. Topics around customer centric, employee experience or leadership are those that make him very happy to learn.

Claire Boscq-Scott

Employee & Customer Experience Speaker, Consultant, Trainer
Claire is on a mission to inspire businesses to thrive by bringing more care into what they do, alluring the senses to connect with employees and customers on an emotional level; enhancing business environments, increasing employees’ engagement and customer loyalty, through sensorial experiences. No 5 Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru and UK Top 10 CX Influencer, Claire is an authority in the Customer Experience Industry, Caring in Business Specialist and Sensory Queen, she brings a more holistic approach to Employee & Customer eXperience. She is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant & Trainer.

Sanjeev Shelar

Global CX Head of Digital Delivery, Dropbox
Sanjeev Shelar is a visionary, highly experienced Senior Digital Leader and innovator with 20 years' achievement delivering complex multi-million EUR customer experience and e-commerce projects to achieve operational and customer excellence. He is passionate about architecting scalable strategies that improve customer experience, engagement and ultimately drive revenues. He believes customer-centricity is a shift in mindset and a sustainable way of doing business!

Michael Brandt

CX Trainer / Consultant, CX Excellence
Michael is a CX Strategist with many years’ experience implementing CX programs in global multi-cultural organisations. He was responsible for Process Excellence in Customer Care across ABB’s worldwide network from 2012 – 2019. He was President of a Joint-Venture company in Japan from 2000-2007 with B2B experience across the APAC region.

Jan Uriga

Experience Center Lead, PwC
Jan believes in the value of science and magic of creativity/emotions that both serves for the good of humans. Have worked with value-adding leadership and transformation tools creating both top line and bottom line growth. By constantly challenging the way things are done he design and implement customer and employee experience strategies.

Betül Yılmaz

Founder, Elephant Istanbul
Betül Yılmaz is founder of Elephant Istanbul - customer experience and strategy design company. She has more than 15 years of experience in financial sector. She was Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at TEB BNP Paribas and prior to that has taken various positions in multiple countries leading the marketing and sales teams. She is a professional coach and a lean change agent.

Milana Ognjenovic

Customer Experience Group Manager, Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Milana is a CX expert and a business strategist focused on identifying commercial opportunities based on the understanding of customer needs. Studied Japanese, but immediately after graduation started a career in business. After years of experience in numerous positions in different industries, advertising, FMCG, telecommunications and banking, she joined Raiffeisen Bank International to boost the results through the customer centric transformation.

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