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Stefan Osthaus - Customer Centricity Executive Briefing

Strategic Options & Their Impact on the Bottom Line

19 May 2020

Meet the Trainer

Stefan Osthaus

Stefan Osthaus is one of the industry’s top thought leaders and consultants. He has been a leader in Fortune 500 companies for more than 15 years and has held global responsibility for the customer experience of 120 million customers as well as the employee experience of tens of thousands of employees. Stefan now helps leading organizations around the globe to combine their Customer and Employee Experience practices and treat them as two sides of the same coin. Stefan is also president of the Customer Institute, a global keynote speaker, and an insightful author

The Executive Briefing

The Executive Briefing on Customer Centricity with Stefan Osthaus is a high‐caliber one‐day strategy workshop with one of the industry’s top thought leaders. The event is ideal for


needing to define the corporate strategy and determine the extent of customer centricity therein

Functional and Regional Leaders

who need to translate the corporate vision and strategy for their area of responsibility

Board Members

who need to complete their insight into customer centricity options and execution models.

Customer Centricity has come a long way, morphing from a utopia idea, to lip service, to experimenting across different functions all the way to a best‐practice‐driven strategic option, that predictably impacts the bottom line. 

While Customer Experience Masterclasses teach practitioners how to build an effective CX program, this executive briefing enables corporate leaders to choose the right customer centricity strategy and determine the realistic results and pitfalls of such strategic choices.

The Executive Briefing also enables functional and regional leaders in the organization to effectively translate the corporate vision and strategy for their area of responsibility.

The Agenda

During the Executive Briefing on Customer Centricity with Stefan Osthaus, we will cover all main aspects of determining the customer centricity strategy in a medium to large organization or government entity.

Topics Include:

1. Experience What?
Why top global brands have made customers their focus
o How brands like Google, Amazon, or Microsoft have raised to the top or turned around with customer centricity
o The pixie dust in every customer centric strategy

2. What do I have to do with Strategy?
Strategy options for our organization and their impact on our business
o Corporate strategy vs. business unit and functional course of action – how does customer centricity show up?

3. And what’s the point of all this?
Return‐on‐Investment from customer centricity initiatives

4. How customer‐oriented are we?
Organizational maturity levels in customer centricity
o Basic elements of a customer‐oriented strategy
o What is our current customer centricity “maturity level”?
What do we want it to be? What’s in our way to get there?
o The CX Assessment as an objective assessment of one’s own customer orientation

5. Strategy Aspects
(for corporate executives –“we must fund it”): 
Customer orientation as a journey – where are we headed?
o The Strategy Journey 
o The Cultural Journey 
o The Organizational Journey 
o The Listening Journey 
o The Governance Journey

(for functional and regional leaders – “we must support it”): 
Don’t be too customer‐oriented ‐ customer wishes vs. corporate reality!
o Customer requirements: Effect, emotion, and effort 
o Corporate reality:  Product, process, and people 
o The Inside‐Out‐Outside‐In Model

6. So what?
Putting insight to work (individual implementation planning)
o What can we do now … given our resources? 
o What are best practices in our situation? 
o What help is available? 


Briefing Elements

Beyond the agenda of the Executive Briefing on Customer Centricity, Stefan Osthaus offers a wealth of opportunities to scale‐up the knowledge of board members, acquaint leaders with the principles of customer centricity, network with peers from different industries, hear real‐life best practices and
benchmarks, and discuss your organization’s individual challenges

Options & Impacts

Explore strategic options and understand synergies and conflicts with customer centricity as you fine‐tune your own vision and strategy. Make well‐ educated choices understanding the impact on bottom line for each of your options. Quantify the Return on Investment for customer centricity related cost and investments to determine the benefit and justification for your customer centricity choices.

Facts & Figures

From industry benchmarks to improvement potential, in this strategy briefing you will gain an understanding of what’s achievable with your individual strategic choices. You will also understand how to quickly and efficiently turn your customer centricity strategy into a continuous improvement path for your organization.

Case Studies and Industry Best Practices

Exposing you to real‐life challenges, typical pitfalls and ways to avoid them, as well as winning models from CX leading organizations from around the globe, our Executive Briefing on Customer Centricity is hands‐on and focused on pragmatic execution. You will walk away with individual implementation steps to make your customer centricity strategy sustainable and successful.

Networking and Solving Your Own Challenges

In our public Executive Briefings, you will meet like‐minded executives from various industries and companies. In‐house briefings, on the other hand, give you a unique opportunity to hone‐in on customer centricity related challenges with your peers from other functional areas or regions. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your network and get to know contact persons for future exchanges of ideas. The briefing will provide enough time to discuss your individual challenges with customer centricity strategy and develop effective solutions.

Key Information

  • The Executive Briefing on Customer Centricity with Stefan Osthaus is a one‐day  event. We offer the briefing as public events open to individual registrations as  well as in‐house events exclusive to a particular organization or government  entity
  • Date & Time: 19 May 2020, 9am – 1pm
  • Price: Full Price – €1000
  • Material: Digital Workbook – included in the participation fee 
  • Also included in the fee: A one-hour follow-up consultation with Stefan Osthaus at a time convenient for you to discuss the implementation of the discussed items in your individual environment

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