European Customer Centricity Awards

CX Community Event Series​



Michael Brandt

Founder & Senior Consultant, CX-Excellence
Michael is a CX Strategist with many years’ experience implementing CX programs in global multi-cultural organisations. He was responsible for Process Excellence in Customer Care across ABB’s worldwide network from 2012 – 2019. He was President of a Joint-Venture company in Japan from 2000-2007 with B2B experience across the APAC region.

James Scutt

Principal XM Catalyst, Qualtrics XM Institute
Recognised as one of Europe's leading Experience Management (XM) experts, James is a Customer Experience strategist and Business Transformation expert with a unique, high value add proposition. A Non-executive Director, Committee Chair and keynote speaker, James is a Principal Experience Management (XM) Catalyst with the Qualtrics XM Institute and the founder of the family of brands.

Nicholai Reinseth

Chief Experience Officer EMEA, Merkle
Nicholai is responsible for leading creative teams to deliver world-class digital experience design. Nicholai has an extensive background in experience design and communications strategy and specializes in the creative orchestration of interactions to create digital engagement and deep customer relationships. A copywriter at heart, Nicholai has been working for 20 years at exploring that incredible promise of digital: That any two people, anywhere in the world, can connect, exchange ideas and be moved – to action, to tears, to new thoughts. He brings extensive experience with getting teams to deliver consistently great digital work – from both client and agency side – and has worked as lead creative for a number of large Nordic, Danish and International clients. He has been a recipient of numerous awards such as The ECHO awards, Creative Circle Awards, Danish Digital Awards and Danish Internet Awards.

Mark Hamill

Mark is the Co-Founder and CEO of ARCET Global. A Leader in creating engaging content led events and Building CX Communities across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Mark’s focus is on building more engaging Event concepts along with assisting clients on the next stage of their journey to excellence. His entire career has been centred on Customer Experience from being product manager of the The International Standard for Service Excellence to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur. Mark's first business was set up in Dubai in 2013 with his latest venture, ARCET Global, having a footprint in Dubai, the UK and in the US too.