European Customer Centricity Awards

CX Community Event Series​



Gregorio Uglioni

Head of Business Excellence and Customer Experience
Gregorio Uglioni is an expert in Digital and Business Transformation, passionate about Customer Experience always striving for innovative solutions for internal and external customers. Gregorio is Head of Business Excellence and Customer Experience.

Charlie Boyle

CEO, Customer Service Excellence Ireland
Charlie Boyle is the founder and CEO of Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CSEI). The CSEI programme is used by multi-national global names based in Dublin as well as SME’s in provincial areas. The offer is expanding into the UK as well. Charlie is a sought after speaker and high impact trainer in the CX sphere.

Margaret Cox

Director, ICE
Margaret Cox is the Director of the Irish-based ICE group a successful recruitment and training company. They have become famous in Ireland for the introduction of the four-day week. ICE Group believe strongly in the purpose of ‘Changing Lives’ of their customers and see the four-day week as changing their employee’s lives. Margaret Cox sees the importance of focusing on the company staff as the greatest asset and those who work for her in ICE are high in their measurement of being valued and recognised. As an Award-winning business, we are delighted to have Margaret join the discussion.